Praise for Peggy Caister, Birth Doula

“[Peggy] made me and my husband feel safe. Because of [her], we were aware of the decisions and choices we could make within the medical constraints. In the end, we were able to focus on having a joyful birth”– birthing mother, Williamsburg, Va.

Peggy was there to support me 100% with every decision I made. She was the perfect person to have by my side…Along with my wonderful husband. I think we all made a great team!~ Birthing Mother, Hampton Roads , VA

“One of the best doulas I’ve worked with.” ~Labor and Delivery Nurse, Williamsburg, Va.

“Thank you for believing in me…when I had doubts in myself.”  ~ mother from Hampton, Va

baby boy“Words can’t describe how important and instrumental you were with A’s delivery….we have sang your praises to everyone and anyone will listen and will continue to for the rest of our days” –father from Newport News, Va

“[She] truly helped make the labor process as comfortably as possible and provided invaluable advice along the way.”~ mother from Hampton, Va

Every woman doesn’t just need a doula but DESERVES a doula!… Peggy would help us make decisions that would potentially impact how this labor would proceed …Peggy would think of things and remind us of our birth plan when we were just unable to even think of them… I got so many things out of my labor that I would have received without having her there. Peggy was like having a girlfriend there during the most amazing life experience ever. We laughed together, cried and of course relished in great joy when …[my son] was born! Peggy was also there to celebrate in our accomplishment. After giving birth, I felt like I could do anything! I felt so empowered by this experience and that would have never happened without having the best Doula on the Peninsula. ~ mother from Newport News, Vababy picture

“From the moment we met [Peggy] in January to [our son’s] birth, [she] brought us peace of mind and comfort.  I really feel like I had the birth I wanted in the right hospital with the right practice…and of course the right doula!  [She] also served as an excellent source for [my husband] as he was so thankful for [her] presence” — mother from Newport News, Va

“[Her] patience, encouragement, and grace helped us through a tough labor. We are so very grateful. “– mother from Williamsburg, Va

A letter from a Grandmother:

“Dear Peggy, …I was so impressed with your calm, gentle knowledgeable approach, Peggy.  You know instinctively when to offer suggestions and when to let mother and baby determine the next right thing.  You have found that delicate balance between helpful involvement and anticipation and have an uncanny ability to be present but so very unobtrusive! 

Being a doula is definitely a calling, a ministry, a gift.  You are using your gifts in a beautiful way.  I am so thankful I said “yes” to the invitation to be present for a few hours.  It was such a special time…” 

My husband and I met Peggy and knew right from the start she was going to be a great fit for us for the birth of our first child. Our perfect delivery plan flew out the window when I was 35 weeks pregnant. Peggy was amazing at keeping me calm and helping me with different options and changing our plan. She was so caring and calm while helping us decide when we needed medical intervention and when we could follow our hearts. She was so patient and was an amazing support for my Husband through the entire labor. Peggy was able to stay with me so that my husband could go with the baby to the nursery without feeling pulled to be by my side. She has an amazing gift and would be a wonderful part of your birth.–birthing mother from Yorktown, va