Online Resources for Childbirth

First Moments
First Moments

A Birth Doula Can Help Sort Out Information…

There is so much to learn, and the web is filled with information. Some good for birth, and some not so good. Here are some websites I find helpful:

Birth Matters Virginia: a statewide organization with local groups of parents and professionals who share information, offer support, and affirm the rights of women and families to make informed choices. Birth Matters Virginia Augusta Chapter meets on the first Tuesday of every month in Fishersville at Bridge Christian Church (not affiliated with the church).

Breastfeeding:  Any question you have will be answered here. Particularly check out the hand expression video, since you never know if your baby may need to be separated from you in the early moments.

Breastfeeding Mamas: This site and corresponding Facebook Page, offers encouragement, support and evidence-based information through friendship and community to expectant and nursing mothers so that they might realize their breastfeeding goals.

Blue Ribbon Baby:  home of the Tom Brewer diet, created to prevent pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia, toxemia, HELLP syndrome, premature birth, low birth weight, and intrauterine growth retardation. Definitely worth a look!

Childbirth Connection: Founded in 1918, this group is the “Momma” of childbirth information and support.  The perfect source for trustworthy up-to-date information and resources on planning for pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum.

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS): A wealth of information, this group has founded the Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative, identifying care providers who offer optimum services for expectant parents and babies.

Cochrane Collaborative: This is the go to place for all things evidence based medicine. May I suggest a bookmark for all your future medical situations?  For instance, here is the most recent information on administering antibiotics to moms colonized with group b strep. Is someone recommending a treatment or procedure? Look here first.

DONA International Doulas of North America provides a list of DONA certified doulas around the world, questions to ask prospective doulas, plus information on becoming a doula.

Evidenced Based Birth: published  by Rebecca Dekker, PHd.  By signing up for her newsletter, you can find out the evidence to support or throw out almost every maternity practice, including: eating and drinking in labor, restriction to a hospital bed during labor, “failure to progress” , induction for suspected “big baby”, treatment for Group B Strep and more.

International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN): the most extensive information on cesarean birth as well as Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC).

Ina May Gaskin’s website: the mother of midwifery in the United States, her contributions to child birth in the United States are tremendous

Katy Says “Alignment Matters”: a fabulous blog on all things movement, biophysics, and being pregnant!

La Leche League International: strives to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education. Local chapters meet monthly and welcome pregnant and nursing mothers.

Lamaze International: Gone are the days of the breathing techniques, these folks have a video library and daily blog subscription for the modern pregnant momma.

Mothering Magazine: the go-to resource for natural families for over 35 years.

Science & Sensibility: A project of Lamaze, this is a research blog about pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Spinning Babies: easier childbirth through positioning. This site is cool!  I encourage all women to incorporate these daily exercises into their routine.

Virginia Health Initiative (VHI): A side by side comparison of cesarean section rates for Virginia Hospitals, this website helps parents-to-be learn about the birth process, choices they may face and performance and quality of hospitals and physicians that provide the care.

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