Blue Ridge Birth Services, Childbirth Support and Education

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Sometimes new parents just need some time alone, in that case, I make sure babies are well tended.

Blue Ridge Birth Services focuses on complete childbirth preparation and support for your kind of birth. We offer comprehensive childbirth education and one of a kind birth support.

Who is Peggy Caister, Birth Doula?

Peggy is a mother to two beautiful children, wife to one fabulous husband, and a  DONA certified, as well as toLabor trained, birth doula.  Drawing from her own journey as a birthing woman, and the positive impact her doula had on her birth experience, as well as a sense of a need for a doula for every birth, she provides labor and birth support in the Blue Ridge, including Charlottesville, Staunton, Waynesboro, and Harrisonburg

Additionally, Peggy is birth advocate for all pregnant people, and has volunteered for over 5 years for Birth Matters Virginia. Over the years, she has seen many women find support at Birth Matters’ Birth Circles. Most months, You can  find her supporting women at Birth Matters Augusta Chapter Birth Circle Meetings.

Centrally located in Fishersville, VA, she has experience in a wide variety of birth circumstances, including single parents, military parents, planned cesareans, vbacs, breech births,  as well as medicated, and non medicated deliveries. She has provided birth support for just under 100 home and hospital births.

What is a Doula?

In brief, a doula supports people who are birthing babies by establishing personal connections, knowledge of options, as well as physical and emotional support.  Peggy offer’s two prenatal meetings to build a rapport,  One month on call for uninterrupted birth support, and postpartum referrals.

What is Peggy’s Philosophy?

Women’s bodies are perfectly made to birth babies, and our babies are perfectly made for us. Each woman’s way of birthing will be unique to her and her situation.  Peggy strives to make options as transparent and understandable as possible to the Blue Ridge area parents to be. She also believe  knowledgeable support from birth partners/dads/husbands is critical for a positive experience. Her deepest desire is a positive birth experience for mom and her partner.

This is a day you will remember forever, and I hope you remember it fondly.~ peggy

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